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Prodifa-anti-insekt-spray-Aerosol- Spender
Turbine Professional - Professionelle Insektenfalle für die Landwirtschaft mit Ventilator
Leistungsstarkes Klebefolien Gerät zur Insektenvernichtung - Halo 30 oder 45 Watt Klebefallen-Halo-Professional
Elektrogitter-Excalibur Insect-O-Cutor Insektenvernichter aus Edelstahl in 40/80 Watt erhältlich
Ventilator-Sytem - Fan-Insektenvernichter Insectivoro 361 Basic - Ventilator Insektenfalle - 55 Watt„   vspace=


Insektenvernichter fan technik turbine professional
Large ventilator-systems are of particular value in rural areas and on farms. In these environments, the use of chemical insecticides or pesticidal equipment that releases gaseous substances could damage crops or the health of animals. A ventilator-system, on the other hand, uses the attractive action of its lamps on flying insects. When they reach the front window, they get sucked in by the action of a fan powered by an electric motor, and deposited in the lower part of the appliance, from where they cannot escape. The external structure, fan and housing  for the electrical components are all made from metal to guarantee the strength of the appliance.
The main advantages over a regular bug zapper are:
A. - It can be used indoors without the continual noise that a zapper emits each time a bug enters.
B. - The safety aspects far outweigh a bug zapper.
C. - It costs just pennies a day to operate and the long lasting UV bulb hardly ever needs replacing.

     Insektenbekaempfung Ventilatorsystem
Say no to insects and yes to the environment. There is a complete range of insect killers that are safe for the environment and harmless to humans. It uses an action that combines UV-A lamps (using harmless type A ultraviolet light) with a fan. The insects are attracted to the light, sucked in by the fan and trapped inside a collection tray. You can choose whether to keep the insects till they die or release them. The collection tray is provided with a door that closes automatically. To free the insects, simply remove the collection tray, open it and move away. 

insektenvernichter Moel ventilatorsystem
The insects, attracted by the light, are sucked by a fan made out of soft plastic with rounded blades which, without cutting them up, traps them inside the collection tray. The fan is absolutely safe for children, even if their hands are accidentally placed inside, as it is made in compliance with rigorous CE safety standards.

The doors are positioned inside the appliance, they open and close automatically in synchronisation with the switching on and off of the fan.

Made from anti-scratch plastics, the appliance combines extreme ease of use and praticality with the beauty of an innovative design. Extremely light and portable, it can be placed in any kind of environment. The filters and collection tray are easy to remove and water washable.

The insectkiller is approved by, and under the permanent control of, the Italian IMQ. Having class II insulation, it does not require an earth, and being made from extremely durable and flexible surfaces, it works anywhere provided that it is not exposed to rain.

Made from recyclable materials, the machine does not use poisons, does not create smoke or emit radiation or electromagnetic waves.

The lamps and fan consume 45 watts, so it ensures minimal costs and long life.

With no noise, no smell and no visible insects, it improves the environment and life itself.